Respect means giving our people a say!

Meet the Team

At Total, one of our values is respect, so we’re very keen to listen to our people and make sure everyone knows their voice will be heard. Like many organisations, we have an annual planning cycle that involves a number of stages. Traditionally, logistical challenges have restricted the number of people we could engage in that process but this year we’ve been able to overcome these and throw open the discussion to our entire business across three States.

The operations insights have been exceptional and the commitment from all the staff was amazing. It just goes to show that the sum of all our parts is greater than the whole, and it was particularly great to hear from quieter members of staff. In fact, they’re where some of the best ideas came from.

Thanks again to all those involved and to the executive management team for preparing and delivering the sessions. It was a quite a challenge and you did a fantastic job!

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