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Because dementia reduces a person’s ability to filter stimulation and attend to only those things that are important to them, a person living with dementia becomes stressed by prolonged exposure to large amounts of unhelpful stimulation. Therefore, one of the key *principles of the Dementia Enabling Environment Principles is to manage levels of unhelpful stimulation.

The environment should minimize exposure to stimuli that are not specifically helpful to the resident, such as unnecessary or competing noises and the sight of signs, posters, places, and clutter that are of no use to the person living with dementia.

Too much visual stimulation is as stressful as too much auditory stimulation.

Such considerations extend beyond design and to the environment of a live building site within an aged care home.

For this reason, at TOTAL we have developed our internal training tool TOTAL Aged Care Essentials (ACE) aimed to enlighten our onsite construction personnel about the challenges faced by many of our key stakeholders in the aged care sector.

TOTAL ACE provides important insights and learnings for our teams who find themselves working on building projects in proximity to people living with Dementia. This is all part of fulfilling our commitment to our purpose of…..

Making a positive difference in people’s lives through excellence in construction”

*The Dementia Enabling Environment Principles are based on the work of Professor Richard Fleming and Kirsty Bennett, University of Wollongong.  They have been constructed from reviewing research literature of studies looking at maximising enablement and wellbeing for people living with dementia.

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