Project Specifications

QLD Burmese Buddhist Association Inc.


Ellen Grove, QLD, Queensland

September 2020

D+C of a ‘Dhamma Hall’ Monk Ordination Building and associated works


Total Construction was awarded the contract for the Design and Construction of a new ‘Dhamma Hall’, Monk Ordination Building, car park and external walkways for the QLD Burmese Buddhist Association in Ellen Grove.

The project as a whole has involved a preliminary 4 – 6 week design period to further develop drawings in preparation for the start of construction. Construction has included a core-filled blockwork Hall with a basic gable roof including a separate kitchen/ amenity building located at the rear. The Hall also included a porte-cochère over the car park on the front of the building. External walkways are located around both the Hall and the kitchen/ amenities buildings.

A 40-space car park has also been constructed and is located in front of the Dhamma Hall with a Monk Ordination Building at its entrance. Some minor landscaping works has been required on the project, primarily the planting of trees and plants around the car park and buildings.

A number of innovations in construction methodology has been explored in the design phase that has both reduced cost and the time frame.


The primary challenge has been with formulating a cost-effective design that meets or exceeds the needs of the client. Co-ordination of consultants has been a key aspect in achieving this.

Project Contact

Simon Hinneberg
Chief Operating Officer

Simon has broad experience delivering a wide range of commercial and industrial projects. Prior to establishing the Total Construction Queensland office in 2010, he held senior management positions throughout Australia and overseas within international construction and development organisations delivering numerous high-profile projects. He has a thorough understanding of the commercial and technical aspects of construction methodology and possesses exceptional communication skills.