Ka Chan

Ka Chan
Chief Financial Officer

Ka is a seasoned Certified Public Accountant (CPA) with a rich background encompassing over 19 years of diverse experience in the finance industry, spanning banking, marketing, property management, and construction sectors. In his pivotal role as the primary financial advisor to the TOTAL Advisory Board and the Executive Management Team, Ka plays a vital part in steering the company’s financial strategies.

His responsibilities extend to the meticulous development of an efficient funding and treasury framework, ensuring seamless alignment with TOTAL’s overarching strategy. Additionally, Ka spearheads efforts to maintain compliance with statutory and reporting obligations, underpinning the company’s integrity and transparency.

Ka is deeply committed to adding value through collaborative partnerships, offering decision-making support to both internal and external stakeholders. Furthermore, he is dedicated to nurturing talent within the finance realm, actively engaging in mentoring initiatives and succession planning to empower the next generation of finance professionals.

With Ka’s expertise, TOTAL is poised to navigate financial landscapes with agility and foresight, driving sustainable growth and fostering a culture of excellence.