Project Specifications

Mars Australia


Wacol, Queensland

May 2020

Construction of a new Treats Wrapping Room for the Mars Birdcare facility


Total has been awarded the contract for the construction of a Treats Wrapping Room. This will enable all bird treat products produced by the factory to be wrapped on site.

The Treats Wrapping Room will be constructed from mineral wool insulated panels sitting on hobs and supported by a new structural steel frame fixed within an existing warehouse. The Room will comprise a wrapping area, hygiene junction, holding area and drying chamber. All plant and equipment related to the existing drying chamber at the facility will be decommissioned, removed and reinstalled at a new location outside of the existing factory. A new HVAC system will also be designed and installed to maintain a constant temperature in the new Treats Wrapping Room.

There will be demolition works to the old Treats Room including the removal of old roller doors and the installation of a new epoxy floor.


There are potential challenges surrounding the timing and methodology of the removal and recommissioning of the drying chamber, as the equipment is a pivotal part of their production process. Careful planning between Total and the mechanical contractor will ensure all risks are mitigated prior to decommissioning of the equipment.


Through staging we have reduced the overall project duration.

Project Contact

Simon Hinneberg
General Manager QLD

Simon has broad experience delivering a wide range of commercial and industrial projects. Prior to establishing the Total Construction Queensland office in 2010, he held senior management positions throughout Australia and overseas within international construction and development organisations delivering numerous high-profile projects. He has a thorough understanding of the commercial and technical aspects of construction methodology and possesses exceptional communication skills.