Project Specifications

Frasers Property Group

$25 million

Chippendale, New South Wales

March 2013

Fit-out and commissioning of the Central Thermal Plant (CTP).


Total Construction was engaged to design, supply, fabricate and install all mechanical, electrical and hydraulic services required to provide district heating and cooling for 2,100 apartments and 50,000m² of office and commercial space for 11 high-rise buildings.

The project involved the construction of a new two-level basement plant building known as the Central Thermal Plant (CTP). The purpose of the CTP is to generate hot and chilled water for the Central Park precinct, whilst generating its own electricity with a natural gas fired engine.

Project deliverables included:

  • Gas engine generator with heat recovery (cogeneration)
  • Cooling energy to the mechanical air conditioning systems serving the various building blocks, through the distribution of chilled water from the Central Thermal Plant
  • Heating energy to the mechanical air conditioning systems serving the various building blocks, by the distribution of heating hot water from the Central Thermal Plant
  • Domestic hot water to the building blocks
  • Reduced greenhouse gas emissions from the precinct operation compared to that of traditional individual building plants
  • Energy efficiency objectives as defined for the precinct.

The project won ‘Most Innovative Project 2014’ from NSW Master Builders & ‘Best Cogeneration or District Energy Project 2014’ from Energy Efficiency Council.

Project Contact

Steve Taylor
Managing Director

Steve is a founding shareholder of Total Construction. Equipped with a carpentry trade background and extensive experience with design and construct projects across all sectors of the building industry, Steve has been a driving force behind the company’s growth and success. With the appointment of a Chairman and CEO, Steve now focuses on the continual development of a successful and sustainable strategy for the business. He also plays a key role in providing leadership for the overall development of the company through strategic marketing, client relationships and procurement. Steve is based in Sydney where he has the overall management in NSW.