Bunnings StoreBankstown, NSW

Bunnings Group Ltd
Bankstown, NSW
$4 million
November 2012

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Project Description

Design and construction of the extension and alterations to an exising Bunnnigs store. To expedite construction and minimise interruptions, this project was divided into four separable portions:   

Stage 1 - construction of a new extension to the existing store for a new timber trade sales and material yard;   

Stage 2 - construction of a new awning to nursery area;


Stage 3 - modifications and upgrade works to the existing store including a new goods receivable area, installation of new evaporative cooling system, sprinkler upgrade and relocation of existing distribution boards; and

Stage 4 - painting to the external façades, landscaping and line marking to carpark area. The store now has an additional 13,000m² floor space inside as well as another 1388m² of outdoor timber yard outside.