Project Specifications

Little Sisters of the Poor

$7.5 million

Randwick, New South Wales

June 2017

Extension and refurbishment of the existing aged care facility


Total has been awarded the contract for the extension and refurbishment of the existing aged care facility including a two storey extension, demolition of existing structures and integration to the existing structure with the new extension.

The work will be carried out over 4 stages:
Stage 1 comprises demolition and excavation, followed by the construction of a new two-storey extension including bathrooms and associated living space.

Stages 2-4 comprises refurbishment of the existing facility over the two levels, including demolition of existing walls, remodelling general arrangements and refurbishment of existing spaces. Works to external portion of existing including extensions to existing rooms and alterations to the existing facade. External works include soft and hard landscaping.

Works will also involve major refurbishment of bedrooms and living areas including an integrated fit-out and all associated activities, as well as the installation of a fire hydrant booster pump and a fire sprinkler systems throughout the existing aged care facility and the new extension.


  • Mechanical design reviewed and alternate proposal accepted by client
  • Reduction in specification of impact resistant board from Powerscape to Impactcheck to allow cost savings for client

Project Contact

Steve Taylor
Managing Director

Steve is a founding shareholder of Total Construction. Equipped with a carpentry trade background and extensive experience with design and construct projects across all sectors of the building industry, Steve has been a driving force behind the company’s growth and success. With the appointment of a Chairman and CEO, Steve now focuses on the continual development of a successful and sustainable strategy for the business. He also plays a key role in providing leadership for the overall development of the company through strategic marketing, client relationships and procurement. Steve is based in Sydney where he has the overall management in NSW.