HammondCare set to redevelop at Hammondville.
27 September 2018

Working in the aged-care sector is always a privilege. On the one hand, it’s about helping to create places where our elderly can enjoy a well-earned retirement. On the other, we get to build strong relationships with organisations that offer a much-needed service to some of the most deserving people in our communities. Total Construction recently had an opportunity to expand its contribution to this important sector by securing its first project with HammondCare, an independent Christian charity specialising in dementia and aged care, palliative care, rehabilitation and older persons' mental health. The $11-million project is the second of a four stage redevelopment which will deliver five 10 bed single level cottages to HammondCare’s Hammondville site.

HammondCare is the legacy of Reverend Bob Hammond who, during the Great Depression of the 1930s, became a champion of welfare projects including social housing. Rev Hammond was so compelled to act that, aged in his 60s, he cashed in his life insurance to buy a block of land on which he built affordable housing. That social welfare project eventually became the suburb of Hammondville.

Total Construction is undertaking the organisation’s latest aged-care project in a busy live environment. Adding to the project’s complexity is the fact that it doesn't allow much space for materials handling due to its existing footprint and proximity to large protected trees and a bus stop.

Works include constructing an in-situ concrete superstructure comprising a conventional slab on the ground and a steel truss structure. The building façade will be facing brickwork, cladding and windows. The project will be completed with services connections and a full fit-out.

We are very much looking forward to building a long-lasting relationship with HammondCare and helping the organisation provide residents with the services and care they so richly deserve.