With annual revenues in excess of $150 million and approximately 120 staff, Total provides innovative construction solutions across the aged care & health, food & beverage, renewable energies, commercial & industrial, airports & infrastructure, education & childcare, and fit-out (retail & clubs) sectors.

At Total, our positive safety culture has developed through continuous safety awareness and improvements. Our executive committee is focused on a company-wide safety strategy which inspires, motivates and empowers employees and subcontractors to behave safely and ensures a ‘safety excellence’ attitude throughout our operations. 



WE hold respect for all people - their ideas, culture, views, health, safety, knowledge and the community.


WE adhere to soundness of moral character and ethical principles.


WE encourage participation to build effective teams thatinclude both internal andexternal stakeholders.


WE challenge ourselves to do better and hold ourselves accountable to deliver on what is promised.


WE encourage staff to be bold and take new ideas from concept to business reality.